Friends of WEVL

What’s the Story?

WEVL is a Memphis institution. A source of great pride for music lovers and musicians in Memphis and beyond. But with the changing landscape of the way people listen to music and the growing collaborative music and arts scene in Memphis, we feel WEVL can do better (can’t we all, really?). At the base level, we’re trying to make WEVL financially, operationally and culturally stronger — celebrating its incredible heritage, but also working toward solidifying its future.

Why is this Movement Happening?

In March 2018, three WEVL fans who are driven to securing a healthy financial, operational and cultural future for the station (the same ones powering this site) and three WEVL board members formed the Development Exploratory Committee (DEC). The board approved this committee at their March meeting. The WEVL board later voted to dissolve the committee during their July 30 board meeting. This is a continuation of what we tried to accomplish with the Development Exploratory Committee. If you’re so inclined, check out details of this committee’s activity below.

DEC Minutes

The Nitty, Gritty

Here’s what we hope to accomplish. At first glance this may seem like a daunting read, but these are important details that are pivotal to a healthy, vibrant and long-lasting WEVL. If you agree, be sure to sign up to be a Friend of WEVL. You can also chat us up on Facebook. Side note: our goals are driven by research, outreach and ongoing analysis and efforts to help the station.

  • The WEVL bylaws allow for up to 12 board members, and set a term limit of six years for a board member to serve. Four of the six board members have exceeded their term limits, and six board positions are vacant. At the very least, Friends suggests adding six new board members with varying skill sets and dedication to bettering the station. Ideally, board members who have served more than six years should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • WEVL is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt membership organization. The WEVL bylaws grant members the right to elect one board member at each annual meeting. The annual meeting is scheduled for Monday October 1st, 2018. Last year, there was not sufficient notification to the members of the annual meeting. Friends suggests that WEVL execute outreach — via on-air announcements, social media and emails to members — in an effort to achieve a robust attendance and participation in the board election process. An engaged membership makes for a strong organization.
  • WEVL currently has only 40 local on-air programmers. At one time there were more than 80 on-air programmers. More than 25% of WEVL's broadcasting is syndicated programs or repeats of prior shows. Why not be more aggressive bringing in new hosts that can offer diverse programming? Friends suggests that the board set goals for the staff to be more proactive in recruiting programmers from the community.
  • WEVL is off the air for 42 hours each week, between the hours of midnight and 6 am each day. This presents another incredible opportunity to recruit additional programmers to fill these slots. Friends suggests that the station work toward broadcasting 24 hours per day.
  • Reassess and make consistent the process for applying to become a programmer. Reports from some applicants say this varies for different applicants. The process to get approved for a show can take a year or longer after submitting the application. Some applicants never receive a reply to their request. Friends suggests that the WEVL board task the staff with developing an easy process for applying for a program, and put in processes that ensure a quick response for all applicants.
  • WEVL currently has only one African-American programmer, who is also the only person of color on the board of directors. Friends suggests that WEVL diversify the board and the roster of programmers to better represent the Memphis community. This will entail outreach to the community. UPDATE Oct 2018: WEVL now has two African-American programmers who are also board members. Progress!
  • There are opportunities for additional funding for WEVL, from sources such as charitable foundations, sponsorship of events, and underwriting. Friends suggests that WEVL form a committee of board and non-board members to pursue these opportunities. Additional funding could help achieve some of the aforementioned goals — archiving, 24-7 broadcasting and much more.
  • There are currently ample opportunities for partnerships with other nonprofits, which could result in a multitude of exciting and beneficial initiatives and draw the Memphis community closer together. One (of many) could be remote broadcasting of events, either live or taped. Examples include the Levitt Shell, Beale Street Caravan and Crosstown Arts. Friends suggests that the board reach out to other nonprofits to initiate more of these partnerships.
  • The building on South Main that WEVL currently rents was renovated almost 30 years ago, with no significant improvements done since then. It is in serious need of refurbishment and modernization. The management of Crosstown Concourse has expressed interest in having WEVL move to an 1,800-square-foot space on the ground floor. WEVL’s Development Exploratory Committee toured the Crosstown space in June. Friends suggests the board prioritize either renovating the current space or finding new space in another location.
  • There are opportunities to partner with elementary and high schools in the Memphis area. Friends suggests we tap into this wonderful resource to help further strengthen the future of WEVL.

What’s Changed at WEVL?

Compare the programming, content and community engagement featured in these two program guides — from 1993 and 2018.

Compare WEVL in 1993 and 2018

Sources: May 1993 and July/Sept 2018 program guides.

How many hours does WEVL broadcast per week?

1993 2018
Hours of original music programming * 134 90
Hours of non-original music programming ** 0 32
Total hours of music programming 134 122
Hours of spoken word programming 10 0
Hours of open slots *** 0 32
Hours that WEVL is off the air 20 42

* “Original music programming” are shows that are created by local volunteer host programmers and aired one time.
** “Non-original music programming” are nationally syndicated shows, and repeats of shows that have previously aired on WEVL.
*** “Open slots” are time slots that have no theme or title.

How many volunteer programmers host shows on WEVL?

1993 2018
Number of volunteers hosting music shows 67 42
Number of volunteers hosting spoken word shows 15 0
Total number of volunteer programmers 82 42

WEVL is a tax-exempt nonprofit, governed by bylaws. The bylaws were amended between 1993 and 2018. How has the governance changed?

1993 2018
How many people are on the board of directors? 12 directors in office No empty board seats 6 directors in office
6 empty board seats
Who determines the board of directors? All 12 are elected by the WEVL members (2 classes of members) 2 elected by members
10 appointed by board
How often does the board of directors meet? Monthly - Open to the public Every other month
Not publicized
Who are the paid WEVL staff? Judy Dorsey, Station Manager
Brian Craig, Program Director
Judy Dorsey, Station Manager
Brian Craig, Program Director
Who makes programming decisions? e.g. approves new programmer applications, provides guidance for programmers, etc. Programming Committee made up of experienced WEVL programmers who are appointed by board of directors Programming Committee was eliminated; WEVL staff now makes all programming decisions
What committees are open to volunteers who want to help WEVL? Development Committee
Outreach Committee

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Friends of WEVL is not associated with WEVL or Southern Communication Volunteers, Inc.

How Can You Help?

If you’d like to join in these efforts, please sign-up and provide your name, email address and suggestions.

Chat us up on Facebook.

Another way you can help WEVL is to become a member. This will give you the right to vote for one board member at the Monday October 1st, 2018 annual meeting.

Can I Go Straight to the Source?

Heck yes, you can! And we’re all about that. Here’s a list of the staff and board at WEVL.

Read the WEVL bylaws

Friends of WEVL

A somewhat frequently updated list of the Friends of WEVL

  • Nancy Agee
  • Greg Akers
  • Marilyn Albert
  • Mark Allen
  • Andy Andrews
  • Ward Archer
  • Megan Avery
  • Gary Backaus
  • Daniel Bader
  • Katherine Baldwin
  • Aaron Banks
  • Paul Barcroft
  • Laura Barnaby
  • Robert Barnett
  • Savannah Bearden
  • Willy Bearden
  • Susan Bedford
  • Taylor Berger
  • Terrence Bishop
  • April Marie Blankenship
  • Greg Blumenthal
  • Ashley Bonds
  • Alisa Botto
  • Pam Branham
  • Gary Bridgman
  • Tony Brooks
  • Toof Brown
  • Mac Bruce
  • Taylor Bryant
  • Ron Buck
  • Amy Burcham
  • Graham Burks
  • Colin Butler
  • Frank Campagna
  • Josh Campbell
  • Judd Cannon
  • Nick Canterucci
  • Taylor Cates
  • Elizabeth Cawein
  • Paul Chandler
  • Kip Cole
  • Nicholas Collins
  • Annabel Conrad
  • Derek Cooper
  • Keith Cooper
  • j.d. cooper
  • Brandon Corley
  • Kenneth Cox
  • Danny Cox
  • Taylor Cox
  • Laurel Creech
  • Samantha Crespo
  • Scott Crosby
  • Stephen Crump
  • Kevin Cubbins
  • Anissa Dalle
  • Sheldon Dan
  • Todd Daniel
  • Sean Davis
  • Jenny Davis
  • Justin Deere
  • Lahna Deering
  • J.De DeHart
  • Gene Dickson
  • Shannon Dixon
  • Beverly Dixon
  • Brian Dixon
  • Ai Doan
  • Justin Dobbs
  • Rory Dockery
  • Michael Dowdy
  • Suzanne Drumwright
  • Evan Drumwright
  • James Duckworth
  • Melissa Dunn
  • Tonya Dyson
  • Stacy Early
  • Sue Easley
  • Les Edwards
  • Winston Eggleston
  • Elizabeth Eggleston
  • Kenneth Ellison
  • Brantley Ellzey
  • Jonathan Epstein
  • Stephen Espy
  • Geoffrey Fargo
  • Joel Files
  • Andrew Fleming
  • Robin Fluke
  • Melba Fluke
  • Njeri Fombi
  • Drew Fontenot
  • Harry Freeman
  • Will Freiman
  • Eric Friedl
  • Sarah Frierson
  • Kristine Gable
  • Brett Gaither
  • John Gemmill
  • Andrew Geraci
  • Andrew Ginn
  • Lauren Goller
  • Stephanie Gonzalez
  • Robert Gordon
  • Kip Gordon
  • Eric Gottlieb
  • Grayson Grant
  • Ruth Grant
  • Robby Grant
  • Rachael Grant
  • Stacey Greenberg
  • Anna Gregory
  • Hemant Gupta
  • Trisha Gurley
  • Kate Hackett
  • Martha Hample
  • Logan Hanna
  • Dan Harper
  • Cyndii Jo Hartley
  • Robert Hayes
  • Mary Royer Hays
  • Linda Ann Headley
  • Alan Herbers
  • Leslie Hermsdorfer
  • Robert Hileman
  • Jay Hines
  • Laura Jean Hocking
  • Natalie Hoffmann
  • Jason Hohenberg
  • Ted Horrell
  • Tanya Howell
  • Charles Hughes
  • Jeff Hulett
  • Lisa Hume
  • Rachel Hurley
  • Darla Ives
  • Zac Ives
  • Erik Jambor
  • Mark James
  • Cynthia Jeffries
  • Judith Johnson
  • Terri Jones
  • Tom Jones
  • Mark Jordan
  • Mary Jo Karimnia
  • Mark Kelley
  • Lurene Kelley
  • Leah T. Keys
  • Jim Kovarik
  • Paula Kovarik
  • Richard Lawrence
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Christiana Leibovich
  • David Leonard
  • Shaun Lessman
  • Casey Lissau
  • John Littlefield
  • Daniel Lynn
  • Mitch Major
  • Arthur Malchow
  • Tony Manard
  • John Markham
  • Tom Martin
  • Hope Martin
  • Gabe Martin
  • Daniel Mathis
  • Davis McCain
  • Mike McCarthy
  • John McDowell
  • Ron McElroy
  • Camille McElroy
  • Kevin McEniry
  • Cindy McGehee
  • Addie McGowan
  • Frank McLallen
  • Larry McMahan
  • Ben McMeen
  • Katie McMurtry
  • Lori McStay
  • Jared McStay
  • Randy Meeks
  • Mike Michaud
  • Chris Milam
  • JP Miller
  • Candace Mills
  • Pat Mitchell Worley
  • Barry W. Moore
  • Iain Morris
  • Nancy Morrow
  • Tim Mullins
  • Sean Murphy
  • Justice Naczycz
  • Evan Nahmias
  • Eric Neimeyer
  • Henry Nelson
  • Richard O'Brien
  • Allen Parkinson
  • Iddo Patt
  • Pam RocknRoll Nurse Payne
  • Mark Peterson
  • Michael Pleasants
  • Amie Plumley
  • Jeff Powell
  • Michael Powell
  • Ben Powers
  • H. Scott Prosterman
  • dimitri protopsalits
  • Kristen protopsalits
  • Brandon Rauch
  • Jennifer Rauch
  • Kirk Rawlings
  • Benjamin Rednour
  • Adam Remsen
  • Todd Richardson
  • Kathy Riley
  • Billy Riley
  • Kevin Ritz
  • Ashley Roach-Freiman
  • Robb Roaten
  • Cameron Roe
  • Cathy Ross
  • Jill Samuels
  • Glenn Saxon
  • George Scarbrough
  • Will Scheff
  • Jason Schepman
  • Jessica Schepman
  • Megan Schmitt
  • Coy Schnadelbach
  • Ronny Scholz
  • John Scruggs
  • Steve Selvidge
  • John Paul Shaffer
  • Casey Shannon
  • Norm Shaw
  • Mike Sherman
  • Connie Sherman
  • GB Shrewsbury
  • Douglas Sims
  • Jerry Sims
  • Mike Smith
  • Kelli Smith
  • Gregg Smith
  • Rachel Smith
  • Larry J. Smith
  • Alex Smythe
  • Jim Spake
  • Taryn Spake
  • Lisa Spears
  • Mickey Spence
  • Bobby Spillman
  • Glynn Springer
  • Katie Steed
  • Porsche Stevens
  • Anna Stevens
  • Carrie Suchman
  • Christopher Sullivan
  • Allison Swain Lemm
  • Marcy Tashie
  • Cindy Tatum
  • Brandon Thornburg
  • Matt Timberlake
  • Lisa Torrence
  • Leslie Townsend
  • Emma Treadwell
  • Paddy Treadwell
  • Emily Trenholm
  • Henry Turley
  • Lynne Turley
  • Jen Tuseth
  • Naomi Van Tol
  • Mark Wakefield
  • Christopher Walker
  • Allison Walker
  • Ryan Watt
  • Bill Webb
  • Jonah Westbrook
  • Jeff White
  • Jason Whitt
  • Andrea Wiley
  • Hope Wilkinson
  • Christopher Williams
  • Marc Willis
  • Sherman Willmott
  • Macon Wilson
  • Janet Wilson
  • Elijah Wilson
  • Palmer Wilson
  • Kristy Wilson
  • Houston Winbigler
  • Graham Winchester
  • Kalki Winter
  • Byron Wood
  • Robert Wyatt
  • Kevin Yancy
  • Guy Zebrick
  • Greg Ziskind
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #1*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #2*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #3*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #4*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #5*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #6*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #7*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #8*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #9*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #10*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #11*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #12*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #13*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #14*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #15*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #16*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #17*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #18*
  • Anonymous WEVL Programmer #19*

On August 20 the management of WEVL informed the programmers that allowing their name to be listed on this website will subject them to disciplinary action, which could include loss of their radio program. We are immediately removing the names of all programmers from the Friends list, and replacing them with an entry titled Anonymous WEVL Programmer. We would encourage programmers to continue to sign up as a Friend of WEVL. This list is manually updated and so it won't automatically appear on the site. You have our word that we will keep your support confidential.